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Trespassing Snippets March 20

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Long previews of Cuckoo, Naked Love, Never Close Our Eyes, Trespassing!

The original release date for Trespassing was March 20, since changed to Mapril, and now May. But Adam & his team surprised us on March 20 with long snippets of four tracks from the CD, much longer than the snippets we had for FYE. What a treat!  Any worries I had deep down have been replaced with elation and excitement.

Cuckoo makes me wanna JUMP! And clap!  I'm cocked and I'm ready to go. ;)  It's so addictive.  Adam gets under my skin in a very good way. The single clap in the snippet is SO satisfying, no idea why!

Best Trespassing lyric so far is from Naked Love: "Take it off, and try me on." The small laugh after "take it off" is perfectly sexy fun, so @adamlambert 
It says so much about their dynamic. Playful sex, not rigid, except where you need it. Hah!  Naked Love is as sexy as Chokehold, one is light, one is dark. Both move me... sensual Adam inside my head, under my skin.  I’m trying him on and I love how it feels. :)

Trespassing is definitely anthemic.  The layers of Adam in each ear are intoxicating, and you’re swept away by the insistent beat.  I prefer more melodic songs and think Cuckoo has a broader appeal and will sell better as a single.  You hear it once, and you must hear it again, so folks will buy it.  Naked Love would be a great single, too. Also, Chokehold.
Hey, we still haven’t heard Kickin’ In, Underneath, Broken English, Shady and a few bonus songs on the deluxe CD.  I still hope we’ll somehow get a chance to savor Adam singing Cam’s “Dreamer”.  I much prefer it to Never Close Our Eyes.  I really only love the chorus in NCOE.  Adam’s version is very close to Bruno Mars’ demo.  I’d hoped for something quite different.
Adam's voice isn’t really showcased in the song either.  But if Adam & his team think it will help sell the CD, then it’s fine with me!

I posted the audio of the demo titled NCOE so you can see how similar it is to Adam’s. It's in my soundcloud list.

The snippets showed up at and mindchnger ripped them!  Adam tweeted her soundcloud link.  Bev W. @ Dawnmyst edited out the long pauses and I posted those on soundcloud.

So what's your take on the snippets? You can comment below!


Flashback to the early reviews of Trespassing press previews!

LYRICS via Kathryn17: 


Naked Love: 

Never Close Our Eyes: 



Snippets synced with video of Adam singing:



Adam sings Trespassing at the UK Showcase: 

New HD Video of Acoustic Trespassing:


Adam sings CUCKOO in Atlanta:

Acoustic Cuckoo in Kansas City:

New Video of Cuckoo Performance @ Mix 93.3 Kansas:

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