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SEATTLE, March 23

Adam Talks About Sauli!

'zat tis not how you say my name'

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Transcript by @Kathryn17 (with some changes):

Adam talking about Sauli today on KissFM in Seattle!

Lady DJ: "eh erm, dating? How's that going?

Adam: "Yeah I have a boyfriend, I've had a boyfriend for over a year. His name's SOWLI."
Lady DJ: "how do you say it?"
Adam: "SOWLI, you know I think if you say it with an American accent it's Solli"
Lady DJ: "Where's he from?"
Adam: "Finland, but when I called him Solli, the first time he was like 'zat tis not how you say my name'

DJ: "Oh, does he do the finger, too?" Adam: "I think there was a finger involved...Cause the native accent there, the vowel sounds are all different."

Lady DJ: "he's hot"
Adam: "yeah he is REALLY hot!!"
Lady DJ: "like where did you meet him?"
Adam: "In Finland, after my concert, after my tour, and now we're happy ever after, it's great"
Lady DJ: "he hit the powerball, oh he did! Well you guys are a very attractive couple, I'll give you that"
Adam: "Thanks! yeah I'm very happy and that's nice, to have that"
Lady DJ: "That's nice that you get to have such a great balance right now"
Adam: "yeah, that's what I'm feeling right now and it's taken a really long time to find it so and that's refresh... and that's in the music, a lot of that feeling"
Lady DJ: "What does he do he gonna tour with you? Or is he in Finland?"
Adam: "I dunno yet, we haven't figured it out. He lives with me in Los Angeles...yeah we're winging it"  

 "dat is not how you say my name"  gif by @illuxxia 

Full Interview with Jackie and Bender on KISS FM 8:30 am Mar. 23 :



Fan Q&A Live on Kiss FM in Seattle, WA March 23:



Adam sings at Fishbowl for their Staff.  Good questions & answers, too!

Adam's story about a snake named Adam: 

"Here's the deal with the's the deal with the trouser snake. The trainer brought the snake out, and I was holding the snake and I was like 'Okay, this is cool, it's kind of a little trippy but I can get into this'. And then he puts the snake on my leg. And I'm like laying down and the snake is crawling, and the photographer is like 'Get him closer to his balls'. And the trainer is like 'Well, they're only attracted to eat things that are warm'. I'm like...'Think of a cold water spring."

"When we started the shoot that day, the snake didn't have a name because it was a young snake. So, they named it Adam. And that same snake was in my 'For Your Entertainment' music video a couple of months later."


Trespassing video: 


Trespassing audio clip, Listen or dl: 

Better Than I Know Myself:


  Whatya Want From Me:

Adam chats at Amazon:

Adam's story about a snake named Adam:

Part 1: 

Part 2: 

Part 3: 

AUDIO, part 3 

Adam ended his day here:

Adam also attended this party earlier Mar. 23:

 Thanks for dropping by my party and debuting some new songs and making alot of boys happy. Can't wait for the new album

Where the Wild Things Are - @ Lobby Bar 



    Lips don't lie! 

    Last stop was @PonySeattle:

    yes at a small gay club. Pony, he made a speech, played his single then made out with a guy on the dance floor and then left

  •   he made out with a guy I assume is his boyfriend. went to the Lobby  and Pony, with 3 or 4 friends 

  • More pics: 

    Adam at Lobby Bar, photo via Seattle Gay News:

    Photos from the radio show:

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