Friday, March 23, 2012

Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen on Ellen

Adam Lambert On Ellen Degenerous Show Jan 19, 2012

Adam attended Ellen's show with a close knit entourage: His boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen, his Mom Leila, his brother Neil, Neil's girlfriend, and Terrance Spencer, his old friend and Glam Nation Tour dancer.

After talking about Trespassing, Adam spoke about Sauli and the incident in Helsinki, which he said was a wakeup call. Both Adam and Ellen addressed Sauli, who was in the audience.  Ellen said she liked his haircut so much she was going to cut hers that way for her birthday. Sauli gave Ellen a thumbs up.

Before the show, the audience danced in the aisles. Ellen was so taken by Terrance's dance with a random female that she played a tape of him dancing. She didn't realize til later that Terrance was with Sauli. There are cute pics of Terrance laughing with Sauli.

Adam sang a beautiful rendition of Better Than I Know Myself, even better than his performance the week before on Leno.

Screencaps from the interview:

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  1. You mean Terrance was dancing with... SAULINA!!! LOOOOOOOOOL

    Sooo Adorable!!!