Sunday, April 8, 2012

NNN Awards Audience: Enhanced Screencaps

Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen & Raja in the NNN Awards
 show audience April 5 reacting to
 Kelly Osbourne & William's Fashion Face Off

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pics go here & click pics twice:

Scroll down for a touching story!


During Neon Trees performance:

Gif by @illuxxia:

from fuckyeahraja tumblr

kristen (@jristen) shares this story:

So I kind of have to share this story from the NNN. As we were leaving, the theater but still in the main seating area, Sauli was ahead of us, standing in a row in between chairs looking back at the stage. This guy in front of us stopped in front of him and said hi. The guy had been in the audience and had screamed "I love you, Adam!" when Adam first came on stage. Anyway, this dude starts really crying and telling Sauli how great of an example out gay celeb couples are. Sauli was so sweet and gave the guy a hug and said thank you. I didn't want to stop and be awkward so I don't know how long they talked. But it was so sweet.

"And Sauli looked so genuinely touched."

gif via @Joannalizzy

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