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Adam Lambert Releases Trespassing Track List

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A few hours before Adam performs Trespassing on Logo's New Now Next Awards show this evening, he released the track list to Trespassing, including the three bonus songs, which were unknown to me. 

Adam talks about tonight's performance for his community at LOGO and the album here:

Adam Lambert: I don't want to tease too much, but I can tell you I'll be performing Trespassing – the title track from the album. It's a song I wrote with Pharrell Williams. It's super funky and it's got a good, good groove. It's a throwback in kind of a new way.

Adam: I don't know what the next single is yet. It hasn't been decided. Because it's not decided and I'm so in love with this song, I wanted to perform it for the fans. It's a great introduction to the album and we wanted to take the opportunity to do that.

                                Pic by Svetlana Egorova @ListoffSAY

Insider: Why did you want to perform it on Logo's NNNA?

Adam: That's my community. I spent 10 years in Los Angeles as an out and proud gay man – and I continue to be. These are my brothers and sisters, the ones I party with at night, we have similar perks to our lifestyle and similar challenges. I think this song in particular is great because it addresses being told no, or being told you can't go somewhere or be something and standing up to that restriction. Saying, "I'm going to be a rebel and do what I want to do."

Insider: Given how personal it is, does that make you more apprehensive about people reviewing 
it or critiquing it?

Adam: No. I'm craving that. I want the opportunity to show people who I am through my music. People know what I'm up to but they don't necessarily know how I feel about it. That's what is so beautiful about music, it's all about emotion – whether it's an upbeat party song or something a little darker, it's all about feeling. And I think people are going to get to know me as a three-dimension person, not just a celebrity with Trespassing.

...The light side of Adam in the album is a bit more fierce than the sweater-wearing Adam you saw in the video. It's really funky, has a lot of attitude and borrows a lot from house music. The dark side of the album is a bit more vulnerable. I'm dealing with the sadder, harder to take emotions.

Pic by Svetlana Egorova @ListoffSAY

One of the things I think it accomplishes about me as a person is that sometimes you have to muster up pride and strength and courage to go out into the world and dare to be different. 

What lies beneath all of that posturing and peacocking is sometimes a bit more of a sensitive side. Something that might not be as strong. The beautiful thing about Trespassing is it shows my strengths and my weaknesses.


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